| Unique and quality pieces -
without waste and in limited quantities |

DNHN, are products created and made in Montreal from second-hand clothing, scraps and end of series of fabrics. Recycled materials are used to design clothing, caps and hats, as well as a variety of accessories. They are one-of-a-kind, gender-neutral pieces, inspired by work uniforms, sportswear, and military aesthetics. Our production is ethical, ecological and entirely made in Montreal with care.

The brand name - denhien - is inspired by the denier, a unit of measurement used in the textile industry to weigh yarn. The idea of ​​unity and thread is transcribed in our design. We focus on unique pieces that follow the same common thread: upgrading existing pieces of clothing by reworking them creatively to give them a second wind and leave our mark on them. Denhien 's acronym - DNHN - stands for our company values: Diversity - Nuances - Human - Native.

Our craftsmanship is not only reflected by the recycling of an industrial textile past, but also combines timeless influences with handmade and traditional craftsmanship.